Colouring your hair is one of the most popular ways of dramatically changing your look overnight. And of course you want to get the most out of your new change! 

Read on to discover our top 5 tips to ensure your new colour lasts for as long as possible between appointments. 

1. Do Not Shampoo Right Away


If you go home and shampoo your hair, the colour will not be able to settle in well and will lead to the colour fading. This is because a hair colour settles into the hair over the course of 24 hours after it is applied. 

On the day of the colour, resist the temptation to use a shampoo and just use cold water to run through your hair if you still want to wash it.

2. Use Hair Products Meant for Coloured Hair


You need to use hair care products that are specifically meant for coloured hair if you want your hair colour to last long. This is extremely important since other products may strip your colour out. 

Use shampoos and conditioners designed for your coloured hair that do not contain SLS, alcohols, etc. since these can affect the life of your hair colour and also dry out your hair. 

3. Say No to Hot Water


Hot temperatures open the hair cuticle and can quickly strip the vibrancy from your colour.

If you want your hair to look shiny and healthy for a long time, lower the temperature for your hair wash and also reduce the number of times you wash your hair every week. 

You can use dry shampoo in between washes to keep the greasiness at bay. Your hair will stay clean and your colour will last longer.

4. Invest in Hair Masks and Other Hair Conditioning Treatments


Colour treated hair can be a bit fragile and may need some extra TLC from you. 

Invest in conditioning treatments, such as rich hair masks and hair oils, to add the moisture back into your coloured hair. 

Take product recommendations from your colourist and use those products religiously to maintain your hair. 

Dry hair looks lifeless and even the most beautifully done hair colours can appear drab if you do not deep condition your hair regularly. 

5. Avoid Heat Styling Your Hair Too Often


Much like hot water, hot tools can quickly fade your hair colour. 

Try to avoid heat styling your hair as much as possible and when you do use your hot styling tool always use a colour-safe heat protectant

Using a heat protectant spray or serum can act as a physical barrier between your hair and the hot styling tool and help in protecting your hair shaft from getting damaged.

If you take a few precautions and spend some time caring for your locks, your hair colour will not only last for months but your hair will also stay healthy for years to come!

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