You’ve just invested in the most beautiful hair extensions to get the hair of your dreams; but now what?

Learn how to properly care for your hair extensions using our pro tips for hair care and styling, below.

Immediate care

Do not shampoo, wet your hair or exercise to the point of perspiration for the first 48 hours after application, as the bond needs adequate time to cure. No exceptions.

Extra styling time

Leave a little extra time for styling in the morning until you are accustomed to working with your extra volume and/or length.


Apply conditioner only from the mid-shaft down. Keep the conditioner off your scalp and away from the panels as this may cause your extensions to slide.


Only use products your salon professional recommends for your extensions. This is of vital importance as some products, such as deep conditioners, may cause more damage than good; to your extensions.

Press panels

Be sure you are pressing your extension panels together when you are blow drying. This will reaffirm the bond each time you are drying. Power dry panels and scalp area before applying tension with a brush.


Brush, brush, brush! But be gentle. We can’t stress this enough.

This will allow you to prevent and rid your hair of tangles while keeping your hair looking and feeling beautiful.

When your hair is wet, hold panels, removing any tangles by working from ends upward.


Sleeping with a silk pillowcase not only feels great but helps prevent your hair from tangling.


Chlorine is not hair-friendly. If entering the pool or ocean, apply a leave-in conditioner from the middle of your hair to the ends and put into a ponytail. Do not wear braids whilst swimming, ever!


Pre-book your extension follow up and maintenance, no later than 6-8 weeks after your initial application.


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