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How To Find The Best Hair Stylist For You

Hair is more than just hair for many of us. It’s a chance to showcase our personality without having to say a word. It’s about who we are and what we represent. It’s so much more than just hair. So when choosing your next hair stylist it’s of vital importance that they not just understand […]


Preventive measures for dry hair

No matter the time of year, dry hair can come around at any time, and most likely when you least expect it. Having dry hair means that the hair does not absorb or retain enough moisture to keep it looking and feeling healthy which in turn means that it may look lacklustre, feel brittle and […]


Conditioner vs Treatment; What’s The Difference?

When it comes to hair conditioners and hair treatments it can be confusing as to which is the right product to use and when. Read on to discover the differences between the two so you can decide whether your hair needs a deep condition treatment or just a good conditioner. Conditioners A conditioner reduces the […]


5 Ways To Beat A Bad Hair Day

Bad hair days are something that we all dread! They seem to hit at the worst possible times like right before work, an interview or even a date you’ve been preparing for for weeks! We can do everything in our power to prevent them but sometimes they are inevitable. We panic, stress, cry and just […]


The Ultimate Guide On How To Get Rid of Dandruff Fast

Dandruff is one of those conditions that serves as more of an annoyance than a physical ailment. You’ll definitely know if you have it (as evident by flakes on your clothing and pillowcase), but everything else surrounding the common scalp condition is a little less clear. While we don’t know exactly why dandruff occurs, in […]


3 Easy Steps To Perfect Wash-And-Go Hair

Sick and tired of bad hair days? Recreate a salon-quality hair finish at home with these expert washing and styling tips. While it’s tricky to fully replicate the in-salon experience, following these expert tips could drastically improve your DIY end result. Read on to discover our 3 easy steps to perfect wash and go hair. […]


Winter Hair Care Tips

With winter fast approaching it may be time to take a look at your hair care routine to make sure your hair not only survives but thrives during these colder months. Why? Because the cold can make your scalp dry and flaky and your hair rough and brittle. But don’t worry; with a little TLC […]


Haircare Mistakes That Prevent Hair Growth

Growing long, full locks is by no means an easy task! But we don’t have to tell you this. For many of us, our hair just gets to a point where it seems to give up. But why, what gives? Well, there are a few mistakes you may not realise you’re making. Read on to […]


How To Care For Your Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are magical things. They can give you the hair of your dreams in a matter of minutes! Once you have discovered the perfect hair extensions for your hair type, you would do anything to make it last as long as possible. And rightly so! Through constant use, you can begin to notice wear. […]

Aftercare For Tape-In Hair Extensions

You’ve just invested in the most beautiful hair extensions to get the hair of your dreams; but now what? Learn how to properly care for your hair extensions using our pro tips for hair care and styling, below. Immediate care Do not shampoo, wet your hair or exercise to the point of perspiration for the […]