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Winter Hair Care: 10 Tips to keep your hair healthy

Chapped lips, dry skin and frizzy hair? Hello winter!

With winter comes red wine, hot chocolate, indoor fires, beautiful
coats, and movie days.. sounds amazing right? Right! But with all good things,
there’s a downside.. and that downside is the harsh elements that wreak havoc
on your hair and scalp.

Not to worry! We’ve got you covered on all things hair. Below,
we’ve put together our Top 10 Tips to keep your hair looking and feeling it’s
best this winter.


1. Avoid frequent hair washing

Great hair starts in the shower! It’s no secret that excessive
shampooing can strip your hair of its natural protective oils that keep it
looking and feeling healthy. During winter these oils are even more important
than ever; as they are your natural defence against the elements.

Try to extend the period between your hair washes as much as
possible until you find your perfect fit. It’s best to try to wash your hair
once or twice a week and use dry shampoo in between washes to keep your hair
looking and smelling fresh!


2. Don’t forget to condition

This may sound obvious but we are all guilty of running out of
time in the shower and forgoing the conditioner on occasion. In winter this is
a definite no-no!

Make sure you condition every single time you shampoo, and don’t
forget to let it sit for a few minutes, to give your hair the hydration and
nourishment it desperately needs.


3. Apply a deep conditioning hair mask once a week

Your hair will love you for it! Not only can a hair mask reverse
the effects of dryness but they are also an excellent preventative measure to
keep your hair looking its best, year round.

And the options are endless! From store bought options to home
made remedies there is a mask for every hair, or scalp, problem.


4. Limit heat styling

Again, it’s no secret that heat styling is a major culprit for
dry, damaged hair. That paired with the cold, dry winter months does not make a
good case for your heat styling tools. 

Your hair is already fragile and these tools can make it brittle
leading to hair breakage so your best bet is to lean into your natural hair


But don’t be discouraged! It is also a great time to start playing
around with all the different no heat hair styling techniques ( heatless curls,
yes please! ) and a good opportunity to experiment with twists, buns and


5. Dry your hair before leaving the house

We know time is of the essence in the morning but it is vital that
you fully dry your hair before leaving the house. This is because cold hair
expands the hair shaft, making it more prone to breakage as well as leading to
colour fading faster. 


If you’re a morning hair washer it may be best to modify your
routine for the winter months and rather wash it at night; if you’re running
out of time in the morning.


6. Stay hydrated

Did you know that a single hair strand is made up of 25% water?

Drinking enough water helps encourage hair growth from root to tip
and stimulates the scalp; making it less prone to problems such as dryness,
itching and flakiness.


So don’t forget to keep a glass of water in arms reach throughout
the day to ensure you’re giving your hair it’s best fighting chance this


7. Oil up

During winter your scalp can get dry and itchy due to the lack of
moisture in the air. This may lead to scalp problems such as dryness, itchiness
or flakiness.

A hot oil massage with nourishing oils is a treat for both you and
your hair!

The oils nourish the hair whilst the massage improves blood
circulation to the scalp and stimulates hair growth.

It’s a win win!


8. Comb carefully, handle with care

As you’ve already gathered by now your hair is basically a fragile
baby bird in winter and needs all the TLC it can get.

Rather than roughing it up, it needs to be handled with care to
prevent any further breakage.

Take the extra time to comb through your hair before you shower to
reduce the risk of knots and do not brush through wet hair, rather comb slowly
through it or better yet wait for it to dry fully before lovingly attacking it
with a brush.

And remember, always brush the ends first, and then make your way
up to the roots.


9. Invest in a humidifier

With the constant change in temperatures and the much needed
warmth of indoor heating; it is no wonder that your hair is being sapped of all
its moisture.

A quick fix? Invest in a humidifier. They help balance the
moisture levels in the room to prevent any further dryness.


10. Don’t skip the trims

The cold, dry air in winter causes hair breakage and split ends.
That paired with the friction from wearing scarves, hats and bag/coat
entanglement puts additional strain on your hair.

To keep your hair looking its best, maintenance is key. Don’t
forgo your regular trims this winter as they will be the last line of defense
in keeping your hair in tip top condition.

Say goodbye to those split ends… every 4 – 8 weeks.


Does your hair care routine change during the winter months? We’d
love to know what your go-to tips are for protecting your hair in winter!


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