Hair Botox vs. Brazilian Blowout: What's the Difference?

Hair botox and keratin treatments are two of the most common treatments used in salons for those seeking smoother hair. This makes sense, as they both give similar results, like smoothing hair and boosting shine. However, there are some key factors which differentiate the two.

Hair botox is a non-chemical, deep conditioning treatment which coats the surface of the hair, filling in split ends and fending off flyaways. 

Keratin treatments on the other hand, are a chemical smoothing process (usually containing formaldehyde). These also combat flyaways but are more effective at straightening. 

Read on to find out more about the differences between the two treatments and what to take into consideration before deciding which treatment is best for you. 

What makes it a “Botox” treatment?

Hair botox is known as an anti-aging hair treatment. It can transform even the most damaged head of hair into smooth and lustrous locks. The treatment also nourishes your scalp and helps fight dandruff and hair loss.

One of the main benefits of getting hair botox is that your hair will become frizz-free and manageable for up to several months. Therefore, it is perfect for those who have to deal with hot and humid weather or over-processed hair from colouring and frequent use of heat tools.

What Is a Keratin Treatment?

A keratin treatment (also known as a Brazilian blow-dry) is a chemical treatment which smooths hair and gets rid of flyaways. Many keratin treatments include the chemical formaldehyde which can produce a rather unpleasant odour. 

An important thing to note: these can sometimes cause irritation for those with sensitive scalps. However, formaldehyde-free options, which are less harsh, are also available.

Best Candidates

The great news about hair botox is that it’s pretty much suitable for all hair types. 

Although botox treatments are suitable for most hair types they are not recommended as the best option for regularly dyed, permed or straightened hair. It is also not recommended if you use heat styling tools regularly. 

Keratin treatments are best for those with thick, curly hair. They make the hair smoother, making everyday styling easier. Those with thin strands may find a keratin treatment weighs down their hair, while a hair botox treatment retains more volume.

Keratin treatments are not recommended for super fine, thin, straight hair or extremely damaged hair.


For a hair botox treatment; typically, your hair will be washed (skipping conditioner) with a clarifying shampoo. This removes any residue on your hair and opens your hair cuticles. Afterwards, the hair botox treatment will be applied and left on for roughly 45 minutes. Then it will be washed off with a gentle, low or sulphate-free shampoo, blow-dried and typically, sealed with straighteners.

For a keratin treatment; the treatment is applied to damp hair after shampooing, then blow-dried and straightened in sections to activate the product. Finally, it is rinsed out and restyled. After this process, you’ll be left with sleek, smooth strands.


Both hair botox and keratin treatments offer semi-permanent results. 

The effects of a hair botox treatment typically last between 2-4 months. 

Keratin treatments last 3 months on average. 

For both treatments, it’s recommended that you use a low or sulphate-free shampoo to help maintain the treatment’s benefits for as long as possible after leaving the salon.


Hair botox is a type of deep-conditioning treatment so your hair will feel smoother and more hydrated than getting a keratin treatment. Plus, you do not need to wait 3 days for the keratin to seal in. So you can wash your hair or jump into a pool on the same day if you’d like.

Still unsure?

Pop by the salon where one of our friendly stylists will talk you through your options! 


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