Growing long, full locks is by no means an easy task! But we don’t have to tell you this. For many of us, our hair just gets to a point where it seems to give up. But why, what gives? Well, there are a few mistakes you may not realise you’re making.

Read on to find out if, or how many, of these mistakes you’re guilty of making.

You’re not adequately removing buildup.

Buildup, be it from natural oils, products, or dirt, wreaks havoc on your scalp. The primary issues are inflammation and clogging of the hair follicles. Both of these things can severely limit hair growth and even cause hair loss. Essentially the buildup suffocates the pores, making it difficult for lush, thick strands to flourish.

Be sure you are washing your hair properly with the right shampoo for your hair type. And even consider a clarifying shampoo or scalp scrub if you notice buildup accumulating.

You’re not massaging your scalp.

Scalp massages may seem like a frivolous add-on, but they actually improve hair growth. The idea is that by physically stimulating the area, you are encouraging blood circulation. And with blood comes nutrients that your body needs to grow hair.

You’re not getting regular trims

Split ends are a common hair issue and the reason that your hair stops growing after a certain length. Regular trimming is important to chop off the split and damaged ends, and aid the process of hair growth. So, do not shy away from a little hair cut every couple of months.

You’re heat styling daily.

Using a flat iron or blow dryer every so often isn’t going to ruin your shiny strands. However, daily use, especially without protection or using the tools on the highest setting, is definitely not a good idea!

Heat styling works by breaking down your hair’s bonds and then rearranging them to a different shape. You do this enough and your hair will become severely damaged, resulting in breakage and even loss.

And the problem with this is that you can’t fully repair damaged hair. You can improve the look of it (by, say, adding shine), but you cannot fix the bonds, as hair has no innate ability to repair itself. So as a preventive measure, it’s best to skip daily heat styling.

You’re combing your hair too much

We have this misconception that the more we comb the hair, the less it will be tangled, and it will trigger hair growth. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. If you comb your hair too much, you run the risk of weakening the hair roots and we all know weak hair roots never did any good to promote hair growth.

You’re putting conditioner on your scalp

Conditioner keeps our hair soft and smooth. But, it also contains a ton of chemicals that when applied directly to the scalp can weaken the hair roots. If you are applying conditioner to the scalp, you need to stop immediately. The rule with conditioner is to only apply it from about the middle of the hair down to the ends.

You’re brushing your hair like a mad woman

We all know the struggle of detangling knotty hair. But we need to learn to be gentle and patient with our tangled hair so as to not cause any unnecessary damage. Start by brushing the ends and working your way up slowly. The better you treat your hair, the better results you will have.

You’re using the wrong comb

While we are on the subject of detangling, which comb do you use to detangle your hair? Yes, it matters. We do not put much thought into the comb we are using. That’s a mistake that we are going to pay hard for.
For instance, if you use a fine-toothed comb for detangling your hair, it will damage your hair and break it from the middle or worse-from the roots. Using the wrong comb on the hair can also lead to split ends.
So it is of vital importance to use a comb that is appropriate for your hair.

You’re rigorous towel drying your hair

Most of us are guilty of trying to speed up the drying process by manically towel drying our hair as soon as we step out of the shower

This innocent habit is costing you more than you think. This is because wet hair is prone to damage and breakage. When you rub your hair rigorously, you not only damage your hair but also cause it to get all tangled. Which you then have to detangle carefully in order not to cause even more damage.

You’re wearing super-tight hairstyles daily

When you pull your hair into a super-tight hairstyle, you are tugging on your hair and that weakens the roots. Weak hair roots would never give you long and strong hair.

So, give your hair a break and swap your hairstyle with one that is more gentle on your roots.

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