Furr Hair on Credit

Mobicred Permanent Makeup Credit
Pay off your hair extensions done at Furr Hair using Mobicred Credits. Mobicred is a SIMPLE & CONVENIENT credit facility that allows you to SAFELY shop online at all participating retailers that offer the mobicred payment option. One time, easy & quick online application process requiring minimal information. Instant application response.

How does it work? Apply for credits (a credit check is applicable) on Mobicred’s actual website, they will inform you when you are approved for finance of x amount. This is the amount required for your Furr Hair hair extensions that you then pay off over a selected period. An investment in your beauty! Then pop back to our website and ‘purchase’ the treatment/s of choice and book your appointment!

Documentation or information they will require from you:

Employment status
Monthly income before deductions
Monthly take-home income
Additional monthly expenses
Are you under debt review, sequestration or administration, or do you plan to apply for debt review?

Mobicred: Why do we need to know this information?
As a registered credit provider in South Africa it is our responsibility to ensure that you are able to afford the credit you are applying for.
Therefore these questions will allow us to pre-score you to ensure you qualify for finance.

Apply for Mobicred and pay off your hair extensions with Mobicred Credits.
Apply here: https://www.mobicred.co.za/

Mobicred buy permanent makeup on credit

How Does it Work?
Step ONE:

Visit Mobicred by clicking here: https://www.mobicred.co.za/

Step Two:

Apply for credits.
You will be taken to their site where you will need to apply for a loan from Mobicred (credit checks will be performed by Mobicred and take up to 24 hours to process) 
On approval of your application you will be given a number of credits (as discussed with Mobicred) to pay off over a certain amount of time. 



You can then return to our website and use those credits to purchase a treatment or product from this online store.
– At the check out area select to checkout with Payfast using your Mobicred Credits.

Get started – go apply for Mobicred credits now!